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Because you like beautiful unique mindful furniture that defines your space and inspires you. Whether you are a passionate designer or you are just starting out on your home decor journey, you are looking for thoughtfully crafted items that are practical, multi-purpose, adaptable and versatile. Your new furniture should be on trend yet will stand the test of time and not look dated in few years. If you move and your needs change, your furnishing should adapt to your new space and to your new style.

Minimalist authentic contemporary design, with modern flair, quality craftsmanship, designed to last and remain relevant with time, yet within reach…

That is our promise to you!

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All our products have at least a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon

All our products have at least a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon


Super fast delivery, nice packaging. Came in 2 in 1 set. Great product!!! Love it!!! Instruction is so simple and easy for installation. Wood isn't cheap or flimsy, looks very solid. Excellent quality for this price! These shelves are incredible. They are very well built and designed. Well worth the money and can hold just about anything you want to put on. Would buy again.

Sunny Tien

During lock down, I got interest In plants and have gathered many indoor and outdoor plants. Living in great lakes area doesn't give the luxury of Having outdoor plants through out the year so I was focusing more on indoor plants. After I got my plants healthy and well acclimated to the house, I wanted to place them nicely in the house. So, I was looking for shelves but was not able to get good ones in local stores. After a lot of search, I ended up at these ones. There are many awesome features in these shelves and these are truly stylish and modern. There is an inbuilt mercury level which helps in leveling the shelves straight. Unlike the other shelves, these do not have mounts or doesn’t need screws to hand on. Instead there is a different and a cool way to hanG these shelves. Just alight the level and screw the base board on the wall. I am bad at fixing anchors on dry wall so I chose one Screw to go on stud. That way I was able to securely hang the base. The shelf was then placed on the base and done. Took me less than 30 mins to fix the shelves and my pots have a nice place to live near the window in style.

Josie M

A great and stylish addition to any home that needs some shelving units. I purchased this recently as a need to add some shelving into my bathroom to hold my toothbrush and other small knick knacks and it works great! The shelves are nice and wide, wide enough so that I'm not worried about a standard toothbrush holder from sliding or falling off. The shelves list that they are able to hold up to 20 lbs and I have no worries about these shelves coming down from what I've placed on it. Installation was also nice and simple. I do live in an NYC apartment that only features drywall, and the drywall anchors that come in with the unit were great for helping me secure the shelves to the wall. Included diagrams and screws got the mounting bracket on the wall and the shelf went on without issue. Also a nice part, they are certainly stylish! The white is a nice a modern one and the finish is good. If you need to add some shelving units for knick knacks and some flair to your room, I would recommend these without any doubt.

R. Huang

These shelves are beautiful, high quality and well designed in every aspect! The installation system is ingenious, easy to install with levels built in to the mounting hardware. As an architect I always look for unique and well designed products. Often good design is at the sacrifice of practicality. These shelves are the exception, great design and practical. Customer service is amazingly responsive. As we were installing the shelves we broke a piece of the installation hardware, it was our fault not a flaw in the shelves. I emailed the company on Sunday, received a response in less than an hour and the replacement piece was shipped to me on Monday. I highly recommend these shelves and look forward to seeing new products that FYTZ Design bring to the market!


What can I say other than this is a high-quality product, looks fantastic and is ridiculously intuitive re: installation. I ordered two sets for the left/right walls of our bedroom foyer to replace floor-standing shelf units. The innovate install process was a pleasant surprise - the mounting brackets have mini-levels built in! - making these almost fun to hang. The shelves slid right onto the mounting plates once they were screwed into the wall. These shelves look very classy, and are sturdy. They come with all the hardware too, including mollies. I just wish the shelves were a little bit deeper to accommodate slightly bigger things, but can't have everything. I just ordered and received another set, so I'll be adding two more on one wall and the third on the other. Highly recommend these if you want a very nice looking shelf display without too many installation headaches.

Gary Frisch

These Shelves are beautiful as well as functional, The template that comes with the shelves and the built in bubble level make it extremely easy to install and have the shelves come out looking great. It is very important that you use a 3/16" drill bit to set the enclosed wall anchors Paul W PS I liked the first set of shelves so much that I ordered a second set that I also installed great value for the price

Paul W

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